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A panoply of local specialities

Rocamadour AOC cheese

This pure whole milk goat cheese is produced, processed and refined in the Appellation area, in accordance with tradition.

It is white and creamy, with finely serrated integral rind which has a slightly velvety appearance. Soft on the palate, its texture releases subtle flavours of cream and butter.

Rocamadour can be enjoyed cool and dry or melted on a salad or on a slice of bread with nuts and honey. This cheese is perfect with the wines of Cahors.


Quercy lamb

High on the plateaux, fed on their mothers' milk, hay and grain, Quercy lamb guarantees the gourmet enthusiast the finest and most succulent meat.

The quality of the caussenarde breed, with its comical “dark glasses”, was first accredited in France 25 years ago.


Quercy walnuts

Always part of the history and landscape of our region, walnut trees are planted in ordered groves which  help speed up picking and have become emblematic of our region.

Dried or fresh, in oil or baked into bread, the walnut holds many surprises!



The black truffle harvested in the Lot goes under the botanical name Tuber melanosporum. This extraordinarily fragrant fungus, harvested with the help of a dog or a pig is a jewel in the gastronomy of Quercy.

Served in an omelet or with foie gras, it is appreciated by food lovers as part of a family or festive dinner.

From December to March with the world famous market Lalbenque, a few kilometres from Cahors, or the market at Limogne en Quercy.


Goose and duck liver

Introduced to France by the Romans, the liver found in the Lot is among the best in the world

The fame of Lot birds goes far beyond the borders of the region: the authenticity of the tradition of farming and food combines with regional expertise to provide all the guarantees of quality and incomparable flavour.


Quercy melons

Selected for its look - matt and slightly shiny on the cracks in the stem, on its density and its characteristic aroma, the Melon du Quercy is suitable for all culinary creations.

At home, it can be presented in slices or balls, as an aperitif, sautéed as an accompaniment to meat or fish. For dessert? Of course, light and fresh, it closes any meal perfectly.

The Quercy hills, exposed to south, are ideal for the production of a melon with a tender, juicy, sweet and very fragrant flesh.


Quercy saffron

The cultivation of Quercy saffron was revived around ten years ago by enthusiasts in the Quercy area. All the work is done by hand, from picking flowers to packaging. It is found in the form of carefully selected and dried stamens with a rich aroma much more pronounced than the powdered saffron normally found in shops.

Quercy saffron is used in our local recipes, both savoury and sweet. Discover this precious spice at the flowering time in October.


Croustilot bread

The Confrérie du Pain has existed since 1996. This is a group of eight cereal producers, two millers and thirty bakers.

Croustilot is a bread guaranteed free of additives, made from local wheat with only water, salt and yeast used in baking.

Croustilot comes in baguettes (Croustinoise) or boules of 500g and 1kg (Croustilot).

Pride of the bakers who work with old traditions, this bread is cooked slowly, with absolutely no chemical additives.

It has an unmistakable flavour and can keep for a week.

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