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Abbaye de Marcilhac

Le bourg
46160 Marcilhac-sur-Célé
Phone : 09 81 72 44 18
Phone : 07 69 46 07 79
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14 September 2018
Nous sommes passés à Marcillac il y a quelques années(c'était en 2015 comme pèlerins de saint Jacques ...
For a long time unknown by the tourists and the official guides, the antique Abbey of Marcilhac will wonder you with these wonderful aspects. In a Gallo Roman contest, the Abbey's strory is known from the Vth century gracefully to St Pallais. Ultimate withness of the Abbey, you can discover the second most ancient European tympanum, integrated in the amazing romans remains left to an open-air.

The chapterhouse decorated of delicate capitals will remind you the big hours of the Abbey, and the gothic church which countain real treasures will make possible to enter in the actuality of a millenary building.
Dwarfed by the limestone cliffs carved out by the Célé, the tall square bell-tower of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Pierre rises above the majestic ruins of the Romanesque church and the roofs of the little village of Marcilhac which began life within the mediaeval abbey enclosure itself.
Its carvings are the product of a great school of 12th C. sculptors. Founded in the 10th C., the monastery was soon at the head of a vast network of priories, reaching the height of its prosperity in the 13th C.
Nothing now remains of the Romanesque period except the site of the vanished cloister, the chapter room, which is intact, and the ruins of the three western bays of the church nave.
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Additional info :

Abbey's visits are available all day long because of young and motivated volunteers from all over France to animate and contribute to the restoration of a historic heritage in an exceptionnal spiritual ambiancy. Visits are free but your donations will efficiently participate to the integral restoration of the millenary Abbey.

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Abbaye de Marcilhac Marcilhac-sur-Célé
2 Opinions
"la vallée du Célé" Papleux-Dochy Period of stay : April 2017
Nous sommes passés à Marcillac il y a quelques années(c'était en 2015 comme pèlerins de saint Jacques en empruntant la voie du Célé:le site est superbe mais devrait être restauré. La vallée du Célé est magnifique sous le soleil printanier (époque où nous avons marché)
"Lieu inoubliable!" QUERNIN Florence Period of stay : August 2015
Lieu touristique et spirituel par excellence, qui revit grâce à l'énergie communicative du Père Guillaume, qui a su entrainer des jeunes à sa suite, dont un de nos fils parmi les pionniers... Située dans une magnifique vallée, et un charmant village, cette abbaye reste inoubliable par la paix qu'elle dégage. Merci, père Guillaume, et vous, les bénévoles!
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Abbaye de Marcilhac
Address :
Le bourg
46160 Marcilhac-sur-Célé
Phone :
09 81 72 44 18 07 69 46 07 79
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