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Biocoop Cathédrale

42, place Clément Marot
46000 Cahors
Phone : 05 65 24 14 00
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In the city centre, grocery, fruit and fresh vegetables... all organic and local. In the basement, the 17th C. cellar is given over to wines from Cahors and other south-western vineyards, all organic.The setting - a 13th C. building beside the cathedral - embodies the essence of Cahors itself. Here, you'll find a wide range of groceries, either wrapped or loose, fruits and vegetables in season, fresh produce… local products feature prominently. Our commitments: organic only, local produce given priority, seasonality respected, no GM foods, nothing airfreighted, over-packaging avoided.
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All year long
Monday15h to 19h30-
Tuesday09h to 13h15h to 19h30
Wednesday08h to 13h15h to 19h30
Thursday15h to 19h30-
Friday09h to 13h15h to 19h30
Saturday08h to 13h15h to 18h30

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Biocoop Cathédrale
Address :
42, place Clément Marot
46000 Cahors
Phone :
05 65 24 14 00
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